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Solo Plank

Solo is an acoustical wood plank product with a natural wood veneer finish that is available for both ceiling and wall applications. Factory stocked in Beech, Cherry and Maple veneers, it is available raw or pre-finished.

Solo?s acoustical absorption is achieved through Decoustics? unique perforation technology and high performance acoustical core.  The percentage of open area on the Solo panel is only approximately 6%, however the unique V-grooves create a two sided ?funnel? effect which allows absorption of sound from a variety of angles, thereby focusing the transfer of energy and absorption from a broader surface area.

The Solo plank consists of a medium density, no added formaldehyde, fire rated fiberboard (MDF), with a natural wood veneer laminated to the face, and an acoustically transparent black fleece lamination to the back (which prevents insulation color from reading through.) Custom designs can be achieved by curving or segmenting the planks.

LBJ Auditorium, TX
YYC Calgary International Airport, AB
Acleda Bank, Cambodia
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